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We specialize in interactive online tutorial & testing software!

For over 20 years, RoboTutor was a powerful tool and forerunner for creating online interactive & randomly generated tests, tutorials and games with detailed records and data analysis.* The developers have retired and new aps have taken over.

If you are interested in purchasing this domain name, call Jerry at 801-750-2722.

The SCIENCE COURSES and GAMES are available FREE for anyone to use!
Application Overview Academic Bowl
Business/Industry: RoboTutor automates your training
with online tests and records for your employees that are available anytime, anywhere while saving your company tens of thousands of dollars.
K12 Schools: RoboTutor provides detailed student
records online and tracks student achievement and progress.
Higher Education: RoboTutor makes it easy for Professors to custom design interactive tests students can take over the internet.
Government: RoboTutor provides online training modules and records to meet specified legal, safety and environ-mental standards. We have done work with many police
and fire departments.
Instructional Gaming: RoboTutor takes any test you
create and converts it into games for the whole class to play. The Venture Game uses RoboTutor 10 test materials
& creates a Jeopardy style game.
Secure Training: RoboTutor is a secure network appli-
cation that makes it perfect for restricted access uses
such as police departments or Pay per Course enterprises.
Don't take our word for it, try it out. 
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For an overview of what RoboTutor is and how it is used
by educators, click the Overview button on the left.

 CS International, L.P.
LA County Office of Ed.
Sacramento Office of Ed.
United Fire Authority
Pepperdine University
Colton Joint Unified SD
Fresenius Medical Inc.
Software To Schools, Inc.
Healthcare Cost Solutions
Rio Tinto Corporation
Averill Park School Dist.
Joyce & Paul, PPLC
SLC Police/Fire Dept.
SL County Sheriffs Assoc
Averill Park Central SD
Ohio Valley Libraries
Value Music Concepts
Highlands Libraries
Shriner's Hospital, HI
Simplex Technology Sys.
E-testing E-learning
Wicomico Free Library
US Air Force, Colorado
Anaheim Union District
Granite School Districts
Florida Lake County Sch.
CPE World Inc.
NC Secretary of State
Utah Transit Authority
First United Bank, Ohio
Cloud Peak Energy

      *RoboTutor is no longer for sale, but can be used at no charge on this site.    

RoboTutor Software
President: Dr. Jerry Debenham
Call Us: 801-750-2722 or Email Us 

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