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Here is how some of our clients are using RoboTutor:

CPA Training - Hospital/Nursing Training - Auto Mechanics Training

ISO 1401 Environmental Training - Safety Standards Training - SOP Training

Police Training - Industrial Training - Service Sector Training

"This program is so AWESOME! Thank you, thank you!"
Stan Tatkin, Psy.D., Westlake Village, CA.

RoboTutor Training Services

  • To see how RoboTutor fits into the general training needs of an organization, click here: http://www.robotutor.com/RoboTutorInPerspective.pps. Note, RoboTutor is being used with many large corporations to do ISO 1401 Environmental Training along with their Safety Standards Training. It is also being used for Police Training in a number of cities.

  • To see a short overview of how RoboTutor works, click here: http://www.robotutor.com/robotutorOverview.pps. Note, RoboTutor can be configured to do fully automated online training where courses are offered at a price, credit cards are accepted for payment, and emails are sent to students with pass codes to get them started.

  • To learn how to use RoboTutor in greater detail, click here: http://www.robotutor.com/robotutor10/presentation/robotutorTutorial.pps. Note, RoboTutor is programmed in open source ASP code so it can be easily modified to give it the look and feel your organization wants.

  • To access the User's Manual for RoboTutor, click here: http://www.robotutor.com/RoboTutor10/help/Manual/default.htm. Note, RoboTutor is inexpensive. There are no yearly fees, no per student costs, no limitations on usage.

  • RoboTutor comes in two versions: Standard (Version 9 using Access databases) and Professional (Version 10 using an SQL database). To see some sample tests setup in Version 9, go to: http://www.robotutor.com/TakeATest.htm,

  • RoboTutor has two learning games format built into it. To try some sample games, click Academic Olympics Game or The Venture Game.

  • If you would like to tryout RoboTutor 10 or learn more about our specialized online and or corporate training, please email or phone us and we will send you a pass code and link so you can access it.

*Most of our clients have us develop their instructional sites for use on their intranets and provide only restricted or no access from the world wide web. 

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