Questions & Answers

Does the RoboTutor software allow timed tests?
Yes, there is an option to allow timed tests. It also lets you set dates and times when students can take a test. It also sets you set requirements for other tests that need to be taken and passed before a student can take a specific test.

Does the software have a tutorial mode in which students can receive feedback?
Yes, the software does have a tutorial mode where every question is evaluated as the student moves through the test.  There is also an option to give suggestions, hints, or help when questions are answered incorrectly. The final results page also has an option to give feedback on which questions were missed and what the correct answers are.

Does the software support graphics, digitized images, sound and movie clips
to be embedded within questions?
Yes, it is possible to have every question display graphics, digitized images, and movie clips.
Does the software track item statistics, test-takers score, percentage, time and date, elapsed time?
It tracks all of the above and much more. It also lets you create surveys and provides detailed feedback on user reponses.

What kind of support does your company offer to those who purchase the program? 

We offer unlimited telephone and email support during the first year. We provide on-site support for $400 a day plus travel expenses. We also assist in the development of tests, surveys, performance evaluations, and much more for very reasonable fees. We can provide plug and play servers with our software already installed and ready to go.
Is there a fee to maintain extended support? 
There is a fee for special services. We do not generally charge a fee if clients write or call us even after the first year as long as it is not excessive. We do have periodic upgrades to our software and may charge a minimal fee for them after the first year.
Also what kind of software support does your company offer?
We are a small company and very development and support oriented. We encourage suggestions for changes and enhancements to our software and frequently implement them at no charge to our clients. We also do custom programming specifically for our clients at very reasonable prices. We are here for you. We develop for you. And because we are small, we can offer this kind of personal service. RoboTutor is a very flexible testing system that allows for both ASP randomly generated database driven tests and HTML tests graded by CGI scripts. Between the two you have the power of a dynamic testing system that can do almost anything you can imagine with online testing.

In what form is the data stored?  Is it a SQL server? 

The test questions, passwords, and answers for the randomly generated tests are stored in Access databases and SQL server depending on which version you purchase. The student records, names, and passwords for the randomly generated tests are also stored in Access databases or SQL server.
Is this designed so we can modify the program or is it “locked down?” 
Both the SQL and Access versions are written in Microsoft ASP code. This is open source programming that lets modify it to meet your specific needs. All we ask is that users who modify the code send us a copy so we can share their enhancements with other users.

Can the RoboTutor databases be linked into company employee or district student records so that RoboTutor test results are automatically transferred to these other key databases, thus automating the entire testing and record keeping process?

Yes, links code can be easily written to transfer records from the Access or SQL databases to other databases. Since this is application specific, it would need to be custom designed for each user. This can be done by us or your people can do it.

If we purchase the less expensive Access version and want to later upgrade to the SQL version, what does it cost and what do I get?

  • Upgrade Price: You only need to pay the difference in price. And you can keep and continue to use the Access version as long as you want. .
  • Server: Windows 2000, or XP
  • Databases: Access and SQL
  • Services: We provide telephone and email support with all versions. For various extra fees we provide and manage the servers. We also do custom software changes as requested.
  • Other Software: You will need to purchase Microsoft SQL Server software and install it on your server. RoboTutor supports and recommends ASPmail for your email.
  • Other fees: none.

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