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Free Applications, Courses, and Thousands
of Test Questions are available FREE!
There is no obligation and no cost.

  • FREE: Course Registration Application
    Course Registration was created for doing online registration of students for courses. It was originally custom designed for use by Public Library Systems and Corporations that wanted a way to automate registration for their courses.
    Description Request
     Course Registration
  • FREE: RoboTutor Math Application
    RoboTutor Math is a series of drill and practice exercises and games for learning the basic math facts (+-x/), fractions, and simple algebra. The target is grades 2 through 6, but works well with remedial students in higher grades. It is a DOS application that runs well in all 32 bit versions of Windows.
    Description Request
     RoboTutor Math

  • FREE: RoboTutor TestCreator Sample
    If you would like to install the program on one of your computers or servers, we have a special version of RoboTutor that will let you run the tests and tutorials for the Core Science Curriculum (grades 3-6). It is a full functioning module for interactive science learning. It is restricted only in the ability to create or edit tests.
    Description Request
     Core Science Curriculum Email
  • FREE: RoboTutor Test Databases
    The following Access Test databases are available upon request and can be used or modified by anyone who has RoboTutor installed on their server or workstation. Click on the Test # button for a list of the tests in the database. Click on Email to have it emailed it to you.
    Description Request
     Tests Created by Users of this Site Email
     Sample Tests Used on this Site Email
     Grades 3-6 Core Curriculum Science Tutorials Email
  • DOS based RoboTutor Courses: These are programs we created in past years for the DOS environment and now make available free to interested educators.
    • These complete interactive training courses will run in windows as DOS programs.
    • Some knowledge of DOS is required to set them up.
    Description Request
     State Spelling Bee (Grades 4-9; 500+ words) Email
     National Spelling Bee (Grades 7-12; 500+ words) Email
     Vocabulary (Grades 1-6; 2500+ words) Email
     Drug Abuse (Grades 7-12; 4 lessons) Email

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