"I just wanted to send a note to let you know how pleased I am with your product... Your application provides an atmosphere to the user that is friendly and easy to navigate and for the site administrator as well."

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Pricing and Services
RoboTutor Software specializes in online training and offers the personal service needed to make it successful. We are flexible in both our services and pricing. We can create complete sites with multiple courses, tutorials, and final exams, or we can provide just software so you can do it yourself. We can provide the servers on which to locate the courses or you can provide your own servers. 

Use RoboTutor on OUR Servers:

Save yourself the cost and work of finding and funding your own test site.
  Yearly $500  Up to 500 users
  4 Months/Semester $200  Up to 200 users

  By the Person:

$5  Per employee / student 
Please call if you have any special needs or if the above prices and descriptions do not fit your specific situation.
We are also available to help setup your tests, access training materials online, and do most everything else needed to make RoboTutor work properly for your employees / students.

Phone: 801-750-2722 | Email: Support@RoboTutor.com