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Sample RoboTutor Tests

RoboTutor Tests are generally setup by clients using their own course and tests materials. Most of what we develop for our clients is not available for us to display on this website. It is proprietary and confidential. But examples and references, however, are provided.

The Examples provided here were designed by our clients using Version 9.9. If you would like to try RoboTutor, click the RoboTutor 9.9 link to the left. It is easy to build a RoboTutor test.

There are many options in setting up randomly generated tests: headers, graphics, sound, outside links, question types (10), tutorials, immediate results, certificates, etc. The following are just a few examples of RoboTutor type quizzes, tutorials, surveys, and tests. These examples are set to accept any student name and password. But in real applications, access is restricted and may optionally require permissions or tuition payments.

Level Test   (Using RoboTutor 9: Teacher Edition)
Elementary Elementary Core Science Curriculum (Utah Core Curriculum Standards)
Elementary 3rd & 4th Grade (Vocab & Math quizzes)
Elementary Spelling Bee 1 (With Definitions and sound files)
Secondary Presidents of the United States ((Tutorial Format)
Secondary Intro to Random Testing (Shows all 10 question types)
Secondary Tests for Higher Standards (11th Grade Standards Tests)
College Descriptive Statistics (Practice Exercise - Business Course)
College Interval Estimation (Final Exam  - Business Course)
College Business Courses (Pepperdine University)
College Microsoft FrontPage (Introductory Quiz)
Business Hiring Test (Sample of Math Questions from a longer test)
Business Customer Survey (Sampling of Areas)
Business Performance Evaluation (Sampling of Areas)
Finance Wealth Matters (Personal Financial Training)
Industry Health Hazards (Employee Industrial Training)
Industry Project Management (Employee Management Training)
Retirement Retirement Center Staff Training (Includes materials and tests)
Government Introduction to Computers (Adult Employee Education)
Government Legal Issues Regarding Jail & Prison Searches (Police - Private)
Government Consular Notification and Diplomatic Immunity (Justice - Private)

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