"I just wanted to send a note to let you know how pleased I am with your product... Your application provides an atmosphere to the user that is friendly and easy to navigate and for the site administrator as well."

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RoboTutor TestCreator is our newest and most powerful interactive testing software package ever. The SQL version (10.0) uses a Microsoft SQL database and can handle tens of thousands of students or employees. The Access version (9.9) is designed for smaller applications such as individual schools or teachers.

In both versions the tutorials and quizzes are randomly generated from a question databank. All the design, maintenance, and report generation can be done online. Student access can be controlled and restricted in the testing software itself or in a separate Course Registration program that comes with RoboTutor as a free bonus.

Try online testing using RoboTutor TestCreator 9.9: If you have a half hour, you can easily learn to use RoboTutor. We make our Microsoft Access version available for this purpose and you can use it to design and run your own tests. Simply click the RoboTutor 9.9 link. Please limit your usage to no more than 3 tests and 30 students per week

Email some of our enthusiastic clients and ask them about us:

  • Dr. Don Wright (dwright@skilltesting.org), media/training specialist originally at Jordan School District, and now has his own educational training and consulting company.  Don has also purchased the software from us twice.
  • Dr. Owen Hall Jr. (ohall@pepperdine.edu), Professor of Decision Systems at Pepperdine University has been actively involved in the development and testing of our test and training software.
  • Bill Hudgins (b.hudgins@lanepl.org), Librarian at Lane Public Libraries in Ohio has worked with us on a number of projects, especially the Course Registration software.
  • Roger Espinosa (Espinosa_Roger@lacoe.edu), teacher and computer specialist at LACOE has been working with us for years on the development of the RoboTutor software.

Try online testing using RoboTutor the easy way:  Send us some of your materials and we will setup a mini course and test for you on our site. You can try it out and use it with your employees or students. Please restrict the course materials to 1 page and the test to no more than 10 questions.  You can send it to us in a Word document, spreadsheet, or text file.


Phone: 801-750-2722 | Email: Support@RoboTutor.com